Vehicle Classes

Definition of Class Type

  • Asian Vehicles - Vehicles with a name from Japan, China, Korea, etc.
  • Commercial Vehicles - Vehicles with any sort of advertising or promotion of business or products/services
  • Domestic Vehicles - Vehicles with an American manufacturers name
  • European Vehicles - Vehicles with a name from Britain, France, Italy, etc.
  • Muscle Vehicles - American-made 2-door sports coupes with powerful engines designed for high-performance driving
  • Rat Rods - Vehicles that imitate an early hot rod-appearance is "unfinished"
  • Trucks - A pickup truck, van, panel, sedan delivery, foreign and domestic

Definition of Class Category


  • Original Engine
    • Must have original cast iron exhaust manifolds unless the manufacturer installed headers on the vehicle
    • Must have Original Equipment Manufacturer air cleaner
    • Must have O.E.M. valve covers
    • Must have O.E.M. intake manifold
    • All vehicle components must be manufacturer provided components or after market components, for the year the vehicle was manufactured.
  • Original Interior
    • Must retain O.E.M. appearance
  • Original Exterior
    • Must retain O.E.M. appearance. Alterations to the body, suspension modifications, or larger wheel/tire combinations are not allowed.


  • All vehicles that do not fit the criteria for Original.
  • Body and Suspension Alterations
  • Engine Modifications
  • Flames
  • Non Factory Chrome
  • Non Factory Installed Headers
  • Non Factory Pin Striping

Potential Classes

The Classy Chassis Committee reserves the right to change or modify any class and to assign your entry into a class.

Class TypeClass CategoryYear
Commercial VehiclesOriginal and ModifiedAll Years
Domestic 30's and 40'sModified1930 to 1949
Domestic 30's and 40'sOriginal1930 to 1949
Domestic 50's and 60'sModified1950 to 1969
Domestic 50's and 60'sOriginal1950 to 1969
Domestic 70's and 80'sModified1970 to 1989
Domestic 70's and 80'sOriginal1970 to 1989
European/Asian VehiclesOriginal and ModifiedAll Years
Military VehiclesOriginal and ModifiedAll Years
MotorcyclesOriginal and ModifiedAll Years
Muscle CarModified1972 to Current
Muscle CarModifiedPre 1972
Muscle CarOriginal1972 to Current
Muscle CarOriginalPre 1972
Post 1960 TruckModified1960 to Current
Post 1960 TruckOriginal1960 to Current
Post 1990 DomesticModified1990 to Current
Post 1990 DomesticOriginal1990 to Current
Pre 1930 DomesticModifiedPre 1930
Pre 1930 DomesticOriginalPre 1930
Pre 1960 TruckModifiedPre 1960
Pre 1960 TruckOriginalPre 1960
Rat RodsModifiedAll Years
TractorsOriginal and ModifiedAll Years
All Other VehiclesOriginal and ModifiedAll Years