Employee Manual


As an employee of the City of East Wenatchee ("City"), you are among an elite group of people who have chosen public service as a career field. Public service rewards those who truly believe in the age-old concept of service. Because it is vital for an employee to consistently contribute to the overall level of service provided by the City, the City designed this employee handbook to give you the foundation to formulate your personal plan of how you best represent the vision, ideals and values of the City.

Promoting Positive Public Relations

Because the City is owned, financed and controlled by the people, the citizens of the City are ultimately your employer. Hence, in your everyday dealings with the public, with elected officials, and with co-workers, you must always be helpful and courteous. Although you ultimately answer to the citizens, you need to follow the proper chain-of-command from the line worker, to the supervisor, to the department head, and ultimately to the Mayor. You must factor the public's well being into every decision you make as a City employee. If you are uncomfortable with the decision you are about to make, then it is better you refer the decision to the next in line in the chain-of-command.

Manual/Handbook Purpose

The purpose of workplace rules and regulations facilitates efficient service to the public and to develop a uniform system that equitably deals with all employees of the departments.

These policies are adopted by Resolution Number 2015-06

The City reserves the right to repeal, modify or amend these policies. By implementing these policies, the City is not creating a vested contractual right for any employee, and the City is not limiting the power of the City Council to repeal or modify these policies.