Jury Duty

Juries in Courts of Limited Jurisdictions: Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 2.36.150

In courts of limited jurisdiction, juries shall be selected and impaneled in the same manner as in the superior courts, except that a court of limited jurisdiction shall use the master jury list developed by the superior court to select a jury panel. Jurors for the jury panel may be selected at random from the population of the area served by the court.


The law (RCW 2.36.070) states that a person is qualified to serve as a juror unless that person:

  • Is less than eighteen years of age
  • Is not a citizen of the United States
  • Is not a resident of the county in which he or she has been summoned to serve
  • Is not able to communicate in the English language
  • Has been convicted of a felony and has not had his or her civil rights restored

Request for Excuse from Jury Duty

If you have a business trip, vacation, or other personal plans currently scheduled for the period you are being called, indicate those unavailable dates, and you will not be called during that time. Medical exemption requires a letter from your doctor. Please note that Washington State Legislature has eliminated age and work responsibilities as excuses from jury duty.

When to Report

You will be notified by postcard and instructed when to call the Court. If the trial has been canceled, you will be advised to call on another date, or wait for further mailed instructions. You must listen to the entire recording. If the line is busy, please try again. If the equipment malfunctions, a message for jurors will be on the answering machine in the morning.


Jurors are compensated at rates established by the State and County law. Per Diem and mileage will be paid.

Court Decorum

Please dress appropriately; no tank tops, shorts, sweats, halter-tops, etc. Please do not bring small children. Cell phones must be turned off while court is in session.


If you have questions, please call 884-0680, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm.