Traffic Infractions

Infraction Tickets

  • You must respond within 15 days from date of issuance either in person or by mail.
  • Read your ticket, check the appropriate box, sign your name and update address if necessary: mail or bring copy to court window.
  • If you do not respond within 15 days, a Failure to Appear will be issued, a late fee assessed, and the Department of Licensing notified, which could result in the suspension of your license.
  • Your ticket will be turned over to collections and additional fees and interest will be assessed.

Deferral of Traffic Infraction

If you have received a traffic infraction, you may be eligible for a deferral. By successfully completing a deferral, the Court will not report your ticket to the Department of Licensing (DOL). You may defer only one moving infraction and only one non-moving infraction each seven years. The length of deferral is up to two years.

The infractions listed in the "Infractions Not Eligible for Deferral" section do not qualify for this Court's deferral program. Additionally, the infraction of Operating a Motor Vehicle without Liability Insurance may be deferred only if you show proof that you are now insured at the time you request a deferral.

Request a Deferral

You must file a Request to Defer Traffic Infraction (PDF) within 15 days of receipt of the violation you wish to have deferred. When the Court receives your Request to Defer, it will be reviewed by a judge and, if appropriate, an Order will be signed setting conditions and costs. A copy of the signed Order will be mailed to you.

Administrative Fee

You must pay an Administrative Fee ranging from $150 to $250.

Committal of Additional Infractions or Failure to Pay

If you fail to pay the Administrative Fee, or if you commit a new traffic infraction, the Court will end your deferral and will report to DOL that you committed your traffic infraction. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Infractions Not Eligible for Deferral

The Court does not allow deferral for the following infractions:

  • Any infraction issued to a defendant who has a Commercial Driver's License
  • Any infraction where a fatality occurred
  • Passing a school bus