City Council Meeting Access

The Council welcomes citizens at all Council meetings and encourages them to express their opinions on any matter within the Council's authority.

How to Provide Public Comment

There are a few ways to provide Public Comment: 

1. Attend in-person: The City Council meets on a regular schedule at East Wenatchee City Hall’s Council Chambers. You will be allowed to speak for up to two minutes from the podium.

2. Attend via Zoom: To comment while attending virtually, you will need to log in to the Zoom meeting that begins at the time listed on the agenda. Please read the instructions for participation before logging in. You will be allowed to speak for up to two minutes.

3. Email: You can provide a public comment in advance by sending an email to Please clearly state the meeting date for which you would like your comment to be recorded. Emails must be received by 4:00pm of the meeting day. Written comments will be provided to the City Council and noted in the meeting minutes. 

If you are planning to attend a meeting, we encourage community members to sign up for public comment. During meetings, community members will be called on in the following order:

  1. Community members who have signed up to speak (either virtually or in-person) and will be called upon in the order received.
  2. Community members who are in attendance (either virtually or in-person) and indicate they would like to comment.
  3. Written comments will not be read aloud, however, they will be sent to the City Council and noted in the meeting minutes.

Americans with Disabilities Act

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the City Clerk at 509-886-6104 (TTY 711). Notification 72 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting (28 Code of Federal Regulations 35.102-35.104 ADA Title 1).