Low-Income Disabled Discount on Garbage Collection

To apply for Low-Income Disabled garbage collection services you must be a resident within the City of East Wenatchee. Your income as a single person for the proceeding year must be $30,000, or less; As a household of two or more individuals, combined with the income of other parties, if any, for the preceding year must be $40,000, or less. You will need to apply for the discount at City Hall, located at 271 9th Street NE, and bring the following documentation:

  • Please provide evidence of your household income for the previous year. 
  • If you are disabled please provide evidence of disability.

Each application approved for low-income disabled residents is effective for 12 months commencing the first month the reduced rate becomes effective for the applicant. It shall be the sole responsibility of the low-income disabled applicant to re-apply for successive 12-month periods of eligibility for reduced utility rates.