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East Wenatchee City Hall

Equal Communication Access

The City uses Washington Relay to ensure equal communication access to the telephone service for people who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing and speech disabled. To use this service, please dial 711 or 800-833-6384. Dialing the 800 number is preferred because the service would be answered by voice first, whereas dialing the 711 number would be answered via TTY first, unless your telephone number has been branded by the customer service for the system to automatically recognize your telephone number as a voice caller.

The City uses Language Line to ensure equal communication access to telephone service for people who do not speak English. To use this service, please dial 866-874-3972.

Report a Concern

If you have a specific request for action to be taken by the City, such as reporting a pot hole or code enforcement concern, you may submit it through our Request Tracker.

Please complete the entire questionnaire. Please note, if the information you provide is incomplete or the City has questions about your request, we may not be able to fully investigate if we cannot contact you. Once we determine which department should receive you request, it will be entered into our tracking system.