Recycling & Solid Waste

Road Sign that says Recycling Trailers

Recycling Drop-Off Locations in East Wenatchee

These locations are recycling trailers that are accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Bi-Mart - 780 Grant Rd
  • Douglas County Fire District #2 - 377 Eastmont Ave (no cardboard)
  • East Wenatchee City Hall - 271 9th Street NE  (Recycling only, the trash dumpster is not for public use!)
Tires with a sunset background.

Collection Events

These events are all organized through Douglas County Solid Waste.
  • Free Disposal Day
  • Tire Disposal Event
  • Paper Shredding
  • Hazardous Waste
Blue Recycling Garbage Can

Where to Recycle

Appliances, Batteries, Electronics, Etc. Currently, there is no glass recycling available in our area.
Waste Management Garbage Truck

More Information About Recycling & Waste Management

Composting, Recycling Centers, Douglas County Recycling, Etc.