Grant Road Improvements

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What improvements will you see?

Improved pavement conditions, concrete intersection at Eastmont Ave to eliminate rutting, upgraded sidewalk ramps to meet current ADA standards, and stormwater drainage system improvements.

What is the construction schedule?

This project is separated into two phases. The first phase will be conducted in Summer of 2023 between Valley Mall Parkway and N Georgia Ave. The second phase will begin in Summer 2024 and will include the area between N Georgia Ave and N Kentucky Ave.

How will this impact your business?

We understand Grant Road has many local business owners who depend on customer and freight access to their businesses to stay successful. We are considering various options to help minimize inconvenience to the community. You can help by sharing some basic information about your business, and any special requests or concerns you have. Follow the below link to participate. You may also sign up for regular updates through the survey.

Survey link: 

How will this impact my commute?

Our current traffic control plan keeps at least one lane open on Grant Road at all times. All closures will be posted on roadside message boards in advance of the closure. Delays should be expected during peak commute hours. We will continue to update this webpage as needed. A preliminary Traffic Control Plan is included in the slideshow above. 

Who is paying for this?

This project has a number of funding sources which were awarded through competitive State and Federal grant applications. A summary of all funding is below. The City will utilize Transportation Benefit District ($164,800) and Stormwater Utility ($151,500) dollars to fund the matches on these grants.

Project Name
Funding Source
Funding Amount
Local Match
Concrete Intersection ImprovementNational Highway System (Federal)$1,430,000$0
Grant Road Overlay (N Georgia Ave to N Kentucky Ave)National Highway System (Federal)$2,171,000$0
Grant Road Overlay (Valley Mall Parkway to N Georgia AveNational Highway Freight Program (Federal)$949,800$164,800
Grant Road Stormwater ImprovementsWA State Department of Ecology$1,010,300$151,500


How can I ask questions or request more information?

Contact the Public Works Manager at 509-884-1829 x126 or email Public Works.