Stormwater FAQs

Q: What is Stormwater? 
A: Stormwater refers to the water that results from precipitation, such as rain or snowmelt. When it rains, stormwater flows over surfaces such as streets, rooftops, and parking lots, eventually making its way into storm drains and the local water bodies such as the Columbia River. 

Q: Why is stormwater management important? 
A: Stormwater management is crucial for preventing flooding, protecting water quality, and maintaining the health of our aquatic ecosystems. Proper management helps to reduce the pollution that can be carried by stormwater runoff, such as sediment, chemicals, and debris, before it reaches our local water bodies. 

Q: What is the purpose of the City stormwater program? 
A: The City stormwater program aims to effectively manage stormwater runoff within our city and county limits. it involves implementing various measures and practices to control stormwater pollution, mitigate flooding risks, and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. 

Q: Who is responsible for the City stormwater program? 
A: The City's stormwater program is managed by the City of East Wenatchee Public Works department. Our team of professionals oversees stormwater management activities, develops, and enforces regulations and works towards educating and engaging the community in stormwater management efforts. 

Q: How can I report a stormwater-related problem or concer? 
A: If you notice a stormwater-related problem or concern, such as a clogged drain, illegal dumping or erosion issues, please contact the City of East Wenatchee Public Works department at 509-886-6111 or Email

Q: Are there any regulations or permits related to stormwater management? 
A: Yes, there are regulations and permits that our city enforces to comply with state and federal requirements. These regulations include construction site runoff control, industrial stormwater permits and guidelines for residential and commerical property owners to manage stormwater on their properties. 

Q: Is there a stormwater tax? 
A: No, the City of East Wenatchee issues a stormwater fee (bill) to property owners to support the maintenance, management, and improvement of the City stormwater infrastructure. By paying the stormwater fee, you are directly contributing to the construction and maintenance of storm drains, pipes, detention ponds, and other infrastructure to effectively handle stormwater runoff to prevent flood, protect water quality of the Columbia River and its inhabitants, and reducing the risk of property damage. 

Q: How do I receive my stormwater bill? 
A: Your billing statement for the city stormwater bill will be included with your first half of your property taxes for the year. It is important to understand that your mortgage may not cover this bill in your property tax payment and you may be required to pay the stormwater bill separately. Speak with your mortgage company before disregarding any billing. 

Q: How can I pay my stormwater bill? 
A: If your stormwater bill is not paid by your mortgage company, there are a few ways to pay your bill: 
1. Phone:  
        Douglas County Treasurer
2. Mail-in check (Be sure to include your parcel number on the check)
         Douglas County Treasurer 
         P.O. Box 609
         Waterville, WA 98858 
3. Online: 
        You can conveniently pay your stormwater bill online through the Douglas County website portal. 
        Your account can be found by Name, Address, or Parcel Number at: