Are Fireworks prohibited at certain locations?

No fireworks of any type or classification shall be discharged within the city at any of the following locations:

  •  In or upon any publicly owned property; provided, that the chief administrative officer of publicly owned property may issue written permits for the discharge of common fireworks on such terms and conditions as shall be deemed necessary to protect the public, public property, and private property;
  • Within 300 feet of any hotel, motel or other lodging facility, hospital, convalescent center, assisted-living center, public library, church, synagogue, or any other place of worship;
  • Within 500 feet of any gasoline station, tank or premises where flammable liquids or gases are used or stored for dispensing where the volume stored is in excess of 500 gallons;
  • Within or from any structure, vehicle, or vessel. (Ord. 04-02 §1, 2004).

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2. Are Fireworks prohibited at certain locations?