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Temporary Business License

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Chapter 5.04.130 Temporary business License

 Welcome to the City of East Wenatchee 

No person may engage in business within the City without first obtaining a business license.

Application for a general business license are now made through the WASHINGTON STATE BUSINESS LICENSING SERVICES on the web at, or by calling 1-800-451-7985

In lieu of applying for a general business license, you may apply for a temporary business license in person at the City Clerk’s Office or by use of this printable form.

  • A person selling or soliciting orders for any commodity or merchandise from house to house or from address to address may apply to the city for a temporary business license. The fee for a temporary business license is $5.00 each day, and the fee for a 30-day temporary business license is $25.00.
  • A person selling any commodity or merchandise from a vehicle, trailer, stand or temporary structure or place may apply to the city for a temporary business license to conduct such activity. The fee for a one-day license is $5.00 and the fee for a 30-day license is $25.00.
  • The city will not issue a temporary business license to any person desiring to sell any commodity or merchandise from a permanent position or location unless the police chief and the community development director approve, in writing, the position or location. (Ord. 18-07 § 5, 2018; Ord. 17-13 § 5, 2017; Ord. 15-04 § 5 (Exh. A), 2015; Ord. 99-12 § 1, 1999; 305 § 13, 1980. Formerly 5.04.120).

5.04.140 Right to refuse to issue license. The city clerk may refuse to issue a business license to a person if he or she deems it best for the welfare of the citizens and inhabitants of the city. If the city clerk refuses to issue a license to a person, that person may not engage in any business within city limits.

For exemptions in the business license provision, see chapter 5.04.060 Exemptions of the City of East Wenatchee Municipal Code on the web at:

City of East Wenatchee temporary license fees are non-refundable and due at time of application. Licenses are non-transferrable and for a specified period of time.

Temporary Business License Application Form