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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3-Employment Practices.

3.1      Recruiting.

  1. The City recruits employees solely on the basis of ability, merit, qualifications and competence, without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation, or the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability
  2. Each applicant shall submit a resume with qualifications and complete any application required by the City prior to being considered for any position.

3.2      Hiring.

  1. Before posting or advertising to fill a vacant position, the department head shall review the position, its job description and the need for the position. The department head will submit a request to fill the position to the Mayor. The Human Resource Generalist will post and/or advertise for the position only after the Mayor has approved the request. Before public advertising, the Human Resource Generalist will post positions “in-house” for a period of seven days. If the Mayor determines that exigent circumstances exist or that no current employee is qualified to fill the position, he/she may suspend the in- house-posting requirement. Likewise, the City is not required to publicly advertise a position.
  2. Although an employee does not have to reside within the City, he or she must select a place of residence that does not interfere with the daily performance of his/her duties and responsibilities.
  3. If a position requires the operation of a motor vehicle, applicants for the position must be at least eighteen years old and must possess a valid Washington State driver’s license with any necessary endorsements. The City may check an applicant’s driving record. The City may disqualify applicants with poor driving records for City positions that require driving.
  4. If the City determines it is necessary, the City may administer pre-employment examinations to test the qualifications and abilities of applicants. The City may contract with any competent agency or individual to prepare and/or administer examinations. Sometimes, the City may also require a background check.
  5. After the City makes an offer of employment and before the applicant commences employment, the City may require persons selected for employment to pass a medical examination. The medical examination may include testing for drugs and controlled substances. The test determines if an individual can physically perform the essential functions of the job and to ensure his/her physical condition will not endanger the health, safety, or well-being of other employees or the public.
  6. The City may disqualify a candidate from consideration if: (1) the candidate is found physically unable to perform the essential duties of the position (and the individual’s condition cannot reasonably be accommodated in the workplace); (2) the candidate refuses to submit to a medical examination or complete medical history forms; or (3) if the exam reveals use of drugs and/or controlled substances.

3.3      Temporary employees.

  1. With approval of the department head, temporary employees may be used during emergencies or other peak workload periods, to temporarily replace regular employees absent due to disability, illness, vacation leave or other approved leave, or to temporarily fill a vacancy until a regular employee is hired.
  2. The City may hire temporary employees without competitive recruitment or examination.
  3. Temporary employees may not work over ninety hours a month (seventy hours a month if eligible for PERS I) for over five months in a twelve-month period.
  4. Temporary employees are eligible for overtime pay as required by law. Temporary employees are not eligible and receive no retirement, vacation, sick leave, health insurance, holiday or any other benefits during their employment.

3.4      Employment of relatives (Nepotism).

The law prohibits discrimination against an employee because of marital status or any other relationship with another employee. The City seeks to employ qualified persons in all positions without regard to a person’s relationship with other City employees. However, no employee may supervise his or her parent, child, spouse, domestic partner, sibling, in-law, or close relative. No City official may vote, make recommendations, or in any other way participate in the decision of any matter that may directly affect the appointment, promotion, salary, or any other status or interest of his or her parent, child, spouse, domestic partner, sibling, in-law, or close relative.

3.5      Promotions and transfers.

  1. The City encourages qualified employees to apply for vacant City positions. The City bases promotions and transfers on the department head’s recommendation, work force requirements, performance evaluations, job descriptions and related City requirements.
  2. Regular employees are eligible for promotion, transfer or voluntary demotion. To be eligible for another position, an employee must possess the qualifications for the vacant position.